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Renting Verde, the new rent a car modality

Spain´s response is to green cars for hireThis month CeroCO2 in Spain has launched the first carbon neutral car rental service in Spain to benefit community members in the Sierra Gorda World Biosphere Reserve, a hot new way for every citizen of Planet Earth to contribute to solutions that aim to reduce greenhouse gas emmissions.  The announcement reads:

  • Bancaja lanza el “Renting Verde”La Entidad compensará a través de CeroCO2 las emisiones de CO2 de los primeros 25.000 kilómetros de los vehículos de Bancaja Renting y los vehículos financiados a través de Bancaja Credit, a través del proyecto “Secuestro de Carbono en Comunidades de Pobreza Extrema en la Sierra Gorda de México”.
  • Green Renting launched by Bancaja      —  Through CeroCO2, this entity will compensate the CO2 emmissions of the first 25,000 kilometers of the Bancaja Renting vehicles financed by Bancaja Credit to the project ” Carbon sequestration in communities of extreme poverty in the Sierra Goirda, Mexico.