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Sierra Gorda´s 2011 News Bulletins (the last 6 months)

july news bulletin

for the sierra gorda alliance

1.  News Release: Mexico Reaches its First Carbon Standard Milestone
2.  Sierra Gorda´s Video Clips:                                                                                           – Prevent and Control Forest Fires     – Chromatography
3.  Ecotours and Earth Center invite you
4.  Al Gore and a Sierra Gorda Highlander
5.  Photograph of the Month, Oaks
Mexico Reaches its First Carbon Standard Milestone

Sierra Gorda Brings Small-Scale Farmers into Mainstream Carbon Market With Dual Validation Under VCS and CCB 

Other publications about the voluntary offsets from Sierra Gorda:

A.M. Querétaro  http://www.amqueretaro.com/nsecciones.php?id=12860
Rainforest Alliance:   http://www.rainforest-alliance.org/newsroom/news/sierra-gorda-global-carbon-markets
Teorema Ambiental:   http://www.teorema.com.mx/biodiversidad/forestal/sierra-gorda-obtiene-certificacion-internacional-por-captura-de-carbono/


Visit Sierra Gorda´s You Tube Channel:    Chromatography for Soil Analysis with Producers in the Sierra Gorda–   (2:47 min.)

Prevent and Control Forest Fires  – (2:20 min.)   Roberto Pedraza Muñoz of the GESG explains the continuing work to protect the forests and jungles with the support of the Gonzalo Rio Arronte Foundation.


Travel to the heart of Mexico with Sierra Gorda Ecotours
Spend  the weekend among rivers and waterfalls, click here for the tour package.
Click here for the answers to Frequently Asked Questions from tourists.

Sierra Gorda Earth Center – Calendar AUGUST:
Third workshop for tourism service providers to build consensus on Quality Standards with each segment.  (Read this article about the last workshop, click)

-Thank you to the FOMIN Inter-American Development Bank Project approved to GESG to “Promote a rural tourism model in Natural Protected Areas.”, Grupo EcolÓgico Sierra Gorda I. A. P. (GESGIAP)

Al Gore and a Sierra Gorda Highlander

Due to the 2nd anniversary of The Climate Project (TCP), a special event took place in Mexico City which was attended by Mr. Al Gore, ex-president of the United States of America, Nobel Peace Prize winner and a founder of TCP. The objective of TCP is to train and integrate an international network of climate change experts, who will actively educate the public about its realities, its effects and the urgent measures necessary to face it. The event took place in BANAMEX headquarters in the southern part of Mexico City. Roberto Pedraza Ruíz, Technical Officer at the Sierra Gorda Ecological Group and member of the international team of TCP exponents, had the opportunity to attend Mr. Gore’s talk about TCP’s latest plans to prepare for the new challenges we are facing.
There was also the opportunity to exchange experiences with other exponents as well as participate and contribute to the design and planning of a new phase for TCP in Mexico and Latin America.
Up until now, Roberto Pedraza has presented TCP’s climate change talk to a variety of audiences, both in Sierra Gorda and in Querétaro City, to a total of around 2,300 people.

Picture of the Month July 2011, Oaks

This year, after the worst drought in 70 years for both our country and Sierra Gorda, the forests and jungles of the Reserve literally revived following the long awaited rains, despite many trees being unable to survive the drought. This oak forest displays new leaves in July rather than in the spring which is an anomaly and clear evidence of a changing climate.

August News Bulletin

for the Sierra gorda alliance

1. Centro Tierra Sierra Gorda: Third pilot workshop with “Custodians of the earth” and UNESCO´S Virtual course “Learning for a sustainable future”.
2. Bosque Sustentable: Employment with PET (temporal employment program) plant delivery and sub-soiling.
3. Ecotours: Independence day holiday.
4. Environmental Education: Preparation and training of the Environmental Education Team.
5. Sierra Gorda Tourism Products and Services.
6. Diversity of life …. get to know the Sierra Gorda.
7. Photograph of the month.

September News Bulletin

For the Sierra Gorda Alliance

1. Fly  and compensate the CO2 emmissions.
2. Ecotours: Mexican traditions with a community flavour.
3. Productos y Servicios Turísticos Sierra Gorda: The Sierra Gorda craft products shop  is full of products for the Day of the Dead.
4. Training Sessions for the BID Project.
5. A happy forest.

6. Two photograph exhibitions in aid of “2011, International Year of the Forest.
7. More Ecoclubs .
8. Photograph of the month – Sierra Gorda macaws in Spain

October news bulletin

for the Sierra gorda alliance

1. Adventure Travel World Summit, Ruiz Corzo was Keynote Speaker and received standing ovation and an award from ATTA
ATTA´s Shannon Stowell presented Pati Ruiz Corzo with the Blue Marbel Award at the World Summit for Adventure Travel, in Chiapas.
2. Gifts: Order your Christmas basket from Sierra Gorda Products.
3. Ecotours: International School of Querétaro visits the Sierra Gorda.
4. Centro Tierra: Workshop in Environmental Awareness for teachers from San Luis Potosí.
5. Training and practical experience in holistic management and carbon

Soil Carbon Coalition´s Peter Donovan trains Sierra Gorda rural producers.

with experts.
6. Developing pilot Holistic Management ranches-schools in the Sierra Gorda
7. Ecoclubs: Ecoclub Facilitator´s Workshop.
8. Photo of the month
World Land Trust in the Sierra Gorda


november news bulletin

for the sierra gorda alliance

1. Social-environmental return on investment analysis.
2. New alliance for a rural tourism
3. Ecoclub Directors’ 2011 Meeting.
4. Forum on Soil Culture.
5. HSBC Climate Partnership (HCP) MÉXICO.
6. Bacteriological and physical-chemical water monitoring in the Sierra Gorda.
7. Sierra Gorda Ecotours.
8. Photo of the month.
9. Have you already bought your Christmas presents?

december news bulletin

sierra gorda alliance

1.Nature´s Heroes, by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, a documentary produced for national television in France now with subtitles in Spanish or in English.

Sierra Gorda Alliance: December Monthly News

2. Sierra Gorda, An Intimate Look. The Historic Museum of Sierra Gorda hosts a photographic exhibit by R. Pedraza.

3. Prizes to local members of the Sierra Gorda Alliance for Conservation                                                         President Felipe Calderón Awards successful  Enterprises: women from Sierra Gorda win.
The president of Ecoclubs Mexico wins the S.L.P. state prize for Youth in Environmental Protection

4. The 22nd Annual Environmental Awards, Runners-up include Pati Ruiz Corzo (Mexico)
5. National and International Publications.
 Environmental Service Payments
Nature in View, a book by Fulvio Eccardi