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Montezuma Cypress Trail in the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve, Querétaro

I went for a walk along the river under the great cypress canopies with a good friend, exploring the old footpath as we went.  Only days after recovering from the severest of winter colds, we chucked off our tennis shoes and socks to cross the river to the better trail on the other side; it was an unexpected pleasure of fresh water and river pebbles on my bare feet.  The private lands along the river are dedicated to grazing and agriculture; some very rustic, others more sophisticated. Along the way was a gate with ingenuity and style so any careless passerby doesn´t leave open the gate if it is shut for a reason.

Contact Sierra Gorda Ecotours, the official ecotourism office for the backroads and ecolodges that open the visitor to the wonderful world of diverse forests and landscapes that captivate the heart and soul.  Check out the prizewinning photos of the naturalist Roberto Pedraza Ruiz to get a peek into the beauty and power of biodiversity.