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February News and Events

Sierra Gorda wins International Contest for Socially Responsible Tourism


The regional development project of Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda in the Biosphere Reserve in Querétaro, Mexico, the Chambok Community Based Ecotourism Project in Cambodia at the Kirirom National Park,  and the Boomkolbeh – Turkmen Ecolodge at the rim of the Golestan National Park in Iran are the winners of the TO DO! 2013.

The trophies of the international Contest for Socially Responsible Tourism were awarded at this year’s ITB on 5th March, 2014, at 2.30 pm.

All three TO DO! winners provide successful examples of sustainable achievements of socially responsible concepts, especially through the intensive involvement of the local population in the development of tourism. Therefore, they are examples of best practice for other tourism destinations. The three winners are given one TO DO! trophy each. The Swiss Foundation for Solidarity in Tourism supports the projects with an additional 5,000 Swiss Francs each, meaning to support the further development of the projects.

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Launching the Sierra Gorda Tasting Route


It’s one of the most popular attractions of the Sierra Gorda, and a culinary highlight of the state of Queretaro. We’re talking about the Sierra Gorda’s Tasting Route (Ruta Del Sabor), a community-driven initiative that sees a return to authentic cooking and traditional crafts, and a celebration of Mexican flavors.

This initiative was presented on 19th February this year and during the official launch, we were honored to receive the state governor’s wife, Sandra Albarrán de Calzada, who, through the state social service (DIF), has been the godmother of this movement. During the launch meeting, Mrs Calzada offered continuing support for the new community eco-sites – support which will be needed to continue to achieve high quality standards.

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Earth Festivals 2014


Fostering a love of nature, respect for local traditions, and a sense of community, the Sierra Gorda Earth Festivals are a celebration of the region’s rich cultural and environmental heritage. For the last 25 years, students and parents from various communities have come together at a host school to share regional culinary dishes, perform songs, poems, or traditional native dances called “huapango”. 

Grupo Ecologico Sierra Gorda, has its environmental education team present a puppet show to raise awareness about nature, identifying some of the challenges facing the region, and encouraging families to participate in the solution.

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 Ecoclub Strategic Planning

At the end of February, we hosted a Strategic Planning workshop for the Ecoclubs. The objective was to write-up the strategic plan for the National Ecoclub movement, including, the mission, vision, objectives and people responsible for each objective. In addition, they carried out SWOT analysis to obtain better results.

At the end of the workshop, all participants made a commitment to replicate the actions discussed and to empower young leaders, as well as maintain constant communication on social media platforms.

Biodynamic Nutrition


This last month, Bosque Sustentable organized a “Biodynamic Nutrition Workshop” with the objective of facilitating and transmitting knowledge about organic agriculture, soil regeneration and plant and animal nutrition. With our example and experience of developing a soil culture, in this workshop we wanted to re-train farmers and change paradigms, so that they observe and administer their soil and resources sustainably; thinking about the long term.

Photo of the month


The first echoes of spring can be seen in the Sweetgum forests in the Sierra Gorda. The new leaves are sprouting; reflecting the change of seasons. In the past, there were extensive Sweetgum forests, whereas today they only survive in certain points of the Sierra. We are proud to safeguard one in this private nature reserve.


Happy New Year from Sierra Gorda



The Sierra Gorda Alliance is working to protect the natural habitat of some of Mexico’s most threatened species, including the stunning Margay. The country’s cloud forests, home to thousands of animal species, have dwindled to just 2% of their original coverage. By working with local communities to protect – not plunder – these natural resources we can continue to protect vital habitats. Help here 

Mexican government agencies join efforts to mitigate climate change


Sierra Gorda is a Savory Hub, replicating holistic land management in Central Mexico

At a meeting on January 21st 2014, with representatives from associations, government authorities and organizations, such as Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda, the general coordinator of Livestock, Francisco Gurría Treviño, announced that a Mexican methodology governed by SAGARPA and SEMARNAT, will be created to measure soil carbon and quantify the value of carbon offsets per ton.

Gurría said that the Livestock Environment Programme will include lines of action to maintain and regenerate soil and rangelands through the holistic management of cattle. It will also emphasise capacity building, replication programs and support farmers in using these new technologies. We hope that with these efforts Mexico will be able to reverse the effects of desertification.

A new season of Earth Festivals

This new year, we have organized 45 Earth festivals, throughout all the municipalities of the Sierra Gorda and also in the nearby states of Hidalgo and San Luis Potosí. The Earth Festivals play an important role in promoting and strengthening the local  traditions and customs, and pay tribute to Mother Earth and the cultural roots of the region. Each year, our Environmental Education team performs a  play about nature. This year’s play will focus on the need to reverse the effects of desertification and to protect birds.

Regional schools, parents and the general public are all involved in the celebrations. The audience also participates by preparing songs, dances, plays, poems and typical regional dishes in order to highlight local traditions. These Earth Festivals act as agents of learning and integration, and strengthen the exchange of knowledge. For our educators, it’s both a pleasure and responsibility to help raise environmental awareness in the local schools and communities, and a way of building generational change to ensure greater protection of our natural resources.



You can help us establish 25 family vegetable gardens for women who are concerned about their family’s diet. They have already been trained in organic production, they now need equipment to increase production so that they can also sell their produce and improve their quality of life. Support here

Don’t waste our reserve!

A living biosphere home to more than 600 communities, the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve relies on community and local government participation in keeping the reserve healthy. Poor waste and water management can have detrimental impacts on the biodiversity and beauty of the region. As such, we recently held a meeting with SEMARNAT (the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources) SEDESU (the Ministry of Sustainable Development) and other local bodies, to deal with these and other environmental issues facing the region. As a result, we have commitment to developing a regional plan for solid waste management, which – among other things – will determine how home and business waste is separated and disposed of, ensure waste is collected separately address the issue of landfills.

We also discussed the need to regulate tourism activities, so that they have less impact on the environment and better respect communities in the region. We aim to develop a scheme that really has economic impact in the region, which will require developing better tourism infrastructure and suitable conditions for visitors.

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Photo of the month


The low temperatures that the cold fronts are bringing are vital for the health of temperate forests because they help to control forest pests and insect infestations. The presence of frost and ice in this conifer forest in Pinal de Amoles on 9th January was fleeting and as a result, it took perseverance and luck to hunt down images like this one. 


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